Fire and Life Safety Services are Necessary — Juggling Multiple Providers is Not

Posted by Commercial Fire Blog Team on Oct 22, 2020


Regardless if it's fire protection, kitchen hood cleaning, or emergency lighting in your building, chances are you have a laundry list of service providers to help you stay compliant while, hopefully, keeping both your property and your people safe.

 Unfortunately, you probably also have another laundry list of things that don’t help very much—multiple invoices, inconsistent pricing, service continuity, reliability, and/or quality of service—any of which can add to your woes as a Facility Manager.

So what’s the answer? In a word—consolidation.

A National Fire & Life Safety Provider is Your Best Bet

Consolidating your Fire and Life Safety under one provider offers a host of advantages, simplifying your task of managing your facility’s safety.

Advantages a National Fire & Life Safety Provider Offer:

Reduced Costs

Because National Fire & Life Safety Providers are typically much larger than local or regional providers, they enjoy buying power that translates into reduced product and service costs which are passed onto you. And because you’re dealing with just one provider, you’re saving time on paperwork, scheduling, invoicing, and more. And time is money.


Consistent Pricing

Multiple contracts with multiple providers mean multiple headaches from keeping up with all of the different prices each one charges—even for the same work. But with a National Fire & Life Safety Provider, you’ll enjoy uniform pricing for all of your service and repair needs, making budgeting for these services a whole lot easier.

One Contact 24/7

Using a National Fire & Life Safety Provider replaces a Rolodex full of suppliers with one name, one number to call for all of your Fire and Life Safety needs. They also typically offer around-the-clock service, so they’re available when most local and regional providers are not.


National Providers don’t happen overnight. They have spent a lot of time developing their services, their ethics, honing them to meet their customers’ particular needs. And being reliable is paramount to being successful at what they do. Whether it’s being on time for a service call or performing the work to your satisfaction, National Fire & Life Safety Providers outperform their local and regional competition on a regular basis.


One of the biggest concerns you may have as a Facility Manager is the competence of the people performing the services, repairs, and/or installations at your facility. Consolidating these needs under one national provider can help eliminate these concerns, as most national providers invest heavily in contracting with affiliate Fire and Life Safety Service Companies and/or training in-house technicians as well as in the technology, codes and regulations, communications, and equipment they use to perform these tasks. That’s a peace of mind smaller providers just can’t compete with.



From Fire Alarm and Commercial Kitchen Systems to Fire Extinguishers and Emergency Lighting, national providers offer a turnkey solution to all of your Fire and Life Safety needs, helping you stay compliant with local, state, and federal laws and codes while minimizing the risk of fire in your facility and harm to your people.



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