Having Trouble Keeping Track of Inspections and Service at All of Your Locations?

Posted by Commercial Fire Blog Team on Oct 21, 2020


If you have multiple locations—all over the country, regionally, or locally—keeping track of each location’s fire and life safety inspections and service can be a nightmare. And as the FM (Multi-Site Facility Manager), you’ve got enough to keep track of already, focusing on the efficient, effective delivery of all the other support services you’re responsible for. It doesn’t need to be that hard. With the right National Fire & Life Safety Provider in your corner, keeping track of your inspections and service—everywhere—can actually be quick and simple.


Tracking and Reporting

National companies have more resources at hand, enabling them to do quite a bit more than local or regional service providers. They typically invest heavily in technology, which enables them to store, parse, and deliver all kinds of valuable information at the click of a button. And you can harness all of that power through something like a “dashboard” they offer to their clients on their websites. Although the design of each dashboard may vary, the information they provide will be very much the same with real-time detailed information on things like location serviced, type of service, invoicing, maintenance histories, and more. Keeping track of things with a National Provider are a whole lot easier and much less time consuming than with local or regional providers.


Integrated Solution

With a National Fire & Life Safety provider, you can also expect 24/7/365 access to all of this information—in the office on your computer or on the road with your mobile device. Everything should be encrypted and password protected to ensure you and your designated choices have access to your company information—across the board. And regardless of what type of work was performed (service, inspection, or installation) or on what system or equipment (commercial hoods, fire extinguishers, emergency lights, sprinklers, alarms, and more), it should all be available instantly.


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