National Fire & Life Safety Provider FAQs

Posted by Commercial Fire Blog Team on Dec 09, 2020


As a Facility Manager, one of your most important tasks is making sure your building, your employees, and your customers are safe. And having multiple locations, spread across the country, protecting people and property becomes exponentially harder. But you need help, because there’s too much to know and too many things to do. You know a local outfit won’t work—they can’t service all of your locations or needs. So you’re set on contracting with a large National Provider, but you still have questions/concerns.


Here are answers to six of the most common questions/concerns Facility Managers have about National Fire & Life Safety Providers (NFLSP). Hopefully, they provide a better understanding—as well as peace of mind.


Q: Are NFLSP repair quotes for required repairs or just recommendations?

A: Most NFLSPs only quote required repairs, however they do frequently forward “non-quoted” recommendations.

Q: How can we be sure NFLSP inspections are not suggesting unwarranted repairs?

A: NFLSPs typically employ project managers who were former technicians and NICET certified. Many of them carry state permits and licenses as well as years of experience, including knowledge of the many NFPA codes. Inspection reports are reviewed before any repair quotes are ever sent as well.


Q: Do you call ahead to schedule inspections or repairs?
A: Because fire extinguisher inspections are non-invasive, they are not typically scheduled. However, depending on the customer, kitchen systems, KEC, fire alarms, sprinklers, and backflows are typically scheduled, because of their shutdown requirements—all of which can be done after hours.


Q: Aren’t local providers cheaper and faster?

A: Not necessarily. Many NFLSPs hire local companies (affiliates) to do the work at national account pricing, which is typically cheaper than what you would pay locally, thanks to their size and volume.

Q: What areas of service are NFLSPs the weakest—nobody’s good at everything?

A: NFLSPs are good at all fire and life safety services. They contract with only the best affiliate partners around the country, who are licensed and permitted to perform the required services in their areas.

Q: Do NFLSPs warranty their work? For how long?

A: Most NFLSP affiliate agreements require their affiliates to warranty their work for 30 days in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty on parts and equipment.


When considering a National Fire & Life Safety Provider to help you keep your buildings, employees, and customers safe from fire and other life safety hazards, the odds are very much in your favor that they will not only meet your needs, but surpass them.