35 Years of Commitment to Preserving Life and Property—Nationwide

Posted by Commercial Fire Blog Team on Aug 04, 2023

250600 - Image - CF 35th Anniversary Blog Post - Anniversary LogoCommercial Fire is celebrating its 35th anniversary! "We are thankful for the three and a half decades serving the Fire and Life Safety Industry, helping our customers protect their businesses, their employees, and their patrons," says Mark Murray, President of Commercial Fire.

Established in 1988, Commercial Fire has become a leading provider of Fire and Life Safety solutions throughout the U.S. We provide turnkey Fire Protection Services and Kitchen Hood Exhaust Cleaning to some of the biggest restaurants, stores, and convenience stores nationwide. Headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, we are experienced in organizing, maintaining, and servicing all aspects of our customer's requirements.

•    1988 Founded in Jacksonville, FL, providing pest control services
•    1989 Began offering Kitchen Hood Exhaust Cleaning (KEC) Service statewide in FL
•    1991 Began expanding KEC coverage throughout the Southeast
•    1996 Became the first nationwide KEC service provider in all 50 states
•    2002 Began offering Fire Protection Services nationwide in all 50 states
•    2007 Expanded into Canada and Puerto Rico
•    2015 Providing KEC or Fire and Life Safety Services in over 100,000 commercial buildings nationwide
•    2017 Joined BHC and became part of a family of companies that provide service, parts, and training in the Fire and Life Industry worldwide
•    2023 Celebrating 35th Anniversary

250600 - Image - CF 35th Anniversary Blog Post - Anniversary Logo

CF Advantage
For businesses and organizations that require large-scale Fire and Life Safety Services and maintenance, Commercial Fire offers a single point of reliable contact. Throughout our 35 years of serving the Fire and Life Safety Industry, we have established a stream-lined customer service system that enables us to tackle potential issues quickly. Our customers enjoy instant access to information and assistance through both our call center and our CF Connection Portal. Every help request receives timely action and the highest level of service, whether it’s for a nationwide corporation or a small business. At Commercial Fire, you’re well taken care of, no matter what kind of challenge arises. 

Turnkey Services
Our range of services includes Fire Protection, Kitchen Hood Exhaust Cleaning, Emergency Lighting, and Alarms. We have an expansive team of Affiliate Partners that have been trained and certified within their respective fields to guarantee compliance with local and corporate regulations. Our flagship network is rooted in local communities, comprising a collaboration of knowledgeable providers and technicians unified by a common goal.

At Commercial Fire, our local providers and technicians work together under one central principle — fire safety.

And our Affiliate Partners have two new innovative software solutions to help them help you faster and more efficiently—our CF Connection Portal and CF Mobile App. This cutting-edge technology allows our team to better serve all of your multi-site business’ Fire and Life Safety needs. 

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