Commercial Fire Named “2021 Top Facility Management Company” by Healthcare Tech Outlook

Posted by Commercial Fire Blog Team on Apr 27, 2021


At Commercial Fire, our goal is simple, we want to help our customers keep their facilities safe and compliant in the most efficient way. We've done this for the past 30 years. Because of that track record, we are thrilled to announce Commercial Fire was named "2021 Top Facility Management Company" in the service category by Healthcare Tech Outlook. We ask our EVP, Mark Murray, what this award and cover-story feature meant to him. Here is what he had to say.


"While 2020 and 2021 have presented Commercial Fire with some unique challenges, I couldn't be prouder of our team. From our accounting team ensuring all payments went out on time to our affiliates to our Repair department to ensure all quotes were accurate, we hit it out of the park. Not to mention for the first time in company history, our entire team went remote to ensure minimal cases of COVID-19 in our workforce.


At the end of the day, we don't do this for awards or recognition; we do it because it is critical work that has to be done. With that being said, it does feel terrific to know the industry is noticing us. As we continue to grow into sectors such as healthcare and convenience stores, I hope awards such as this paint a clear picture of how we do business."


Having only recently gotten into the healthcare industry within the last few years, Commercial Fire is poised for growth in this area. Having already acquired several multi-site healthcare companies, we are excited to see continued growth.


With the healthcare industry pivoting to more urgent care and specialized offices, facility executives now have a new challenge of keeping multiple offices compliant. In contrast, back in the day, it would have all been under one roof.


Commercial Fire’s unique advantage is simple: we grew our business specifically to accommodate multi-site companies. With commercial real estate continuing to be repurposed into various other uses, we have been able to help clients ensure they are compliant under state and federal fire and life safety codes.


Another large struggle facility managers in the healthcare industry face are that their locations are spread across potentially multiple states. The regulations for their facilities regulations can vary. This is also a challenge we have overcome with our multi-state customers. We have a dedicated code team who keep up with all regulatory changes and even help consult on code needs.


Are you interested in partnering with us? Check out our dedicated landing page that can help show you exactly why you want to partner with us! Want to read the rest of the article from Healthcare Tech Outlook? Click here to read the cover story.

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