How Often Should Fire Sprinklers Be Tested?

Posted by Commercial Fire Blog Team on Mar 31, 2021


Many buildings in the United States rely on an automatic fire sprinkler system as their primary source for overall fire protection. Because of the emphasis placed on these systems for protecting both life and property, there are stringent rules and regulations governing their upkeep—two of which (testing and inspection), are critical to maintaining fire sprinkler system effectiveness in the event of a fire.

Fire Sprinkler System Testing Frequency

Every 3 Months

  • Physically test fire sprinkler mechanical devices

Every Year

  • Physically test the entire fire sprinkler system—water flow, alarms, valves, dry pipe, fire pump, etc.

Every 5 Years

Physically test sprinklers exposed to high temperatures or harsh conditions as well as all sprinkler system gauges (alternatively, gauges can simply be replaced), then every 10 years thereafter

Every 10 Years

  • Physically test dry sprinkler systems

Every 20 Years or Longer

  • Physically test fast-response sprinklers at 20 years and then every 10 years thereafter
  • Physically test standard sprinklers at 50 years and then every 10 years thereafter


Fire Sprinkler Systems Inspection Frequencies


Every Month

  • Inspect dry pipe, pre-action, deluge, and wet pipe fire sprinkler system gauges

Every 3 Months

  • Inspect water flow and valve alarm devices, signal devices, hydraulic nameplates, electrically supervised control valves, and fire department connections

Every Year

  • Inspect hanger/seismic bracing and supports, signage, piping/fittings, and sprinklers, including spare sprinklers

Every 5 Years

  • Inspect all sprinkler piping for any blockage

As a Facility Manager, keeping up with your facility’s automatic sprinkler system is one of the most critical parts of your building’s overall fire protection plan. And because it’s so important, you need to trust it to a qualified National Fire & Life Safety Provider. Besides having the expertise to handle the testing and inspections of your fire sprinkler system, they are typically licensed, meaning they are trained and certified to do this kind of work.

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