Partnering with National Fire and Life Safety Providers: Ensuring Emergency Light Compliance and Safety for Your Business

Posted by Commercial Fire Blog Team on Nov 10, 2023

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If a sudden power outage casts you, your customers, employees, or vendors into darkness, would everyone be able to escape the premises quickly and safely? Finding a way out of this situation will depend on having correctly functioning Exit Signs and Emergency Lights. Unfortunately, most people don’t think about this critical life safety equipment until they’re in the dark. Then it’s too late.

Did you know that the NFPA 101® Life Safety Code mandates regular tests of Emergency Lights? In this NFPA code, it states that every month, a 30-second push button test is to be performed, and an annual 90-minute functional test must be performed on these devices. Keeping up with the codes and standards are difficult enough, let alone having to run your business on top of that. Well, that’s where a National Fire and Life Safety Provider comes into the picture. 

These companies offer nationwide coverage for all the Fire and Life Safety equipment in your building, including Exit Signs and Emergency Lighting. Their services include trained and certified technicians who can perform the necessary services to keep your facility compliant and your occupants and employees safe, including required Monthly and Annual Inspections, Tests, and Maintenance tasks, and any mandated repairs or replacements. These precautions ensure safe exits in an emergency and that the proper records are kept for AHJs.

As a matter of fact, National Fire and Life Safety Providers can maintain and supply the written test and maintenance records that the Code requires. Having these records is extremely important as they must be on the premises should an AHJ request them. Should you misplace this paperwork, then the National Fire and Life Safety Providers will have backup copies on a dashboard where they can be downloaded should you need them.

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